Jessica Foundation was created in 2013 by two sisters who dreamed of supporting children, youth in poverty, and female-headed households whose economic situation did not allow them to complete primary school; since then, the Jessica Foundation has been dedicated to fulfilling the dream of people suffering from these economic constraints, which become worthy of our support due to the aspiration and desire to fight to succeed in a society that marginalizes them.

Your contribution may be via Paypal, in cash or in-kind:

Paypal: Click here to donate with Paypal.

Cash: consigning Savings account No. 62317243231 of BanColombia.

In-kind: Many recipients need a bed, a computer, a chair, clothing, etc; goods that being in excellent condition, are no longer necessary for you. We will channel those donations.

Together we will make a better future for our youth.

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Our mission is clear and concise: we support children and young people (men and women) on issues related to growth, development, and education, be it primary, secondary, technological, or university, according to the needs of our beneficiaries; in this context we support them with books, uniforms, tuition, teaching for academic reinforcement, nourishment, etc.

Since its inception in 2013 Jessica Foundation has supported more than 100 children and youth with a high degree of poverty and vulnerability, providing for them in various aspects necessary to achieving their goals. Today we have a group of 60 students who we support permanently; for them, we have been using different supporting strategies such as direct financial support or channeling donations of cash or in-kind, which good-hearted people, who share our goal, have contributed. We want to encourage them to move forward and with your support we can reach not only 60 but many more.

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It all started when a classmate offered me help from the foundation through daily lunches, since the beginning of the University I have been using grants compensation which have allow me to attend, make it so that I have to spend full days at the [University] only studying, which often didn’t allow me to have lunch. After joining the foundation, everything became a little simpler, I can expect to receive a lunch thanks to the contribution of the same; in addition to such great support, I have received in other aspects as academic outputs and elements to excel, as there the purpose is only to help us with the economic needs but with the personal and professional growth to succeed.


I have known the foundation Jessica for about 8 months, since then I’ve been a beneficiary with the support of food and the box of dreams. Thanks to this support I am getting I can continue my studies, allowing me to achieve my life project. The box of dreams allowed me to cover some small expenses such as copies, transportation, household cleaning products, personal expenses, and to buy some fruit. Thank you very much! to people who do this great effort for society.



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